Shaggy Chic will only be held when further needed.

    Since 2009, this fundraising event, held on the last Saturday in September, was the
    primary source of funds to build and maintain Rusty's Place.This was a community effort
    with donations of usable, no longer needed, goods from residents that could be sold at
    a location near the community. It was highly successful in team building and raising money.

    After it was decided that the dog park was no longer in need of funding from this venue,
    fundraising was done one final time in 2015 solely for pet-related charities at Christ Our
    Savior Lutheran Church. The charitable aspect of the event appealed to the church and
    proved a win-win for both the Rarity Bay community and the church itself.

    In 2016, the Shaggy Chic committee decided to take a hiatus. The Rusty's Place board of
    directors voted to keep the name and logo for possible use in the future. While this event
    takes focused work and time, it may be an option for fundraising in the future.

    If there is interest, please contact the dog park board of directors.