Park Rules

    Hours of Operation are Dawn to Dusk.

    Revised October 15, 2010

    All persons using the Park assume all risks of injurty to person, dogs or proprty.

    All persons using the Park are solely responsible for all injury or damage to other persons, dogs or property caused by them, their guests or their dogs.

    DPRB assumes no responsibility.


1. The use of the Park is limited to members of DPRB. Members may have persons without dogs accompany them into the Park.  Members may permit their adult “dog sitters” to use the Park with the members’ dogs, but the members remain responsible for the actions of their dog sitters and dogs.

2. Temporary adult guests of members of DPRB who do not reside in Rarity Bay may use the Park upon filing the necessary Guest application and rabies immunization record and approval of the DPRB Board. A member of DPRB must accompany guests.

3. A member may take a dog belonging to a Rarity Bay resident who is not a member of DPRB into the Park only if the member is caring temporarily for the dog in the absence of the nonmember resident and only if a Guest Application is completed, a rabies immunization record is provided and upon approval of the Board.

4. All children between the ages of 8 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult and be supervised.  No children under the age of 8 are allowed in the park

5. All dogs must have current immunization records on file with DPRB.

6. Keep clear of the entrance gates when another dog arrives or exits or is in the wash-off area.

7. Ensure the gates are closed at all times. Do not share the gate code with nonmembers.

8. Dogs with a history of or exhibiting biting or aggression are not allowed in the Park.

9, Sick dogs and dogs in heat are not allowed in the Park.

10. Dogs must be supervised and under control at all times.

11. Only dogs weighing 30 lb. or more may be in the large dog area. Only dogs weighing less than 30 lb. may be in the small dog area.

12. Dog feces must be promptly and properly disposed of in bags.  If a receptacle is made available for the Park, bags must be tied off and placed in the designated receptacle.

13. No food (for people or for dogs), bones, or glass containers are allowed in the Park. Beverages are allowed.

14. Water bowls must remain on the gravel area provided.

15. Do not allow your dog to dig in the Park. Fill in any holes.

16. Only tennis balls, Frisbees and hard rubber balls are allowed in the Park for the dogs.

17. No strollers, bicycles, tricycles, wagons, similar devices or children’s toys are allowed in the Park.  Wheel chairs, scooters and walkers used by persons with physical limitations are allowed.

18. Ask permission before approaching another person’s dog.

19. If your dog inflicts an injury, give your name and telephone number to the victim.

Infraction of these rules may be cause for membership termination.