Rusty Harless ~ R.I.P. August 2013

Rusty was our third Brittany that we rescued. He was born in Kansas and we first met him at a foster home in New Hampshire.  He was almost one year old and had more energy than we could imagine one dog could possess.  He was beautiful and very smart so we decided to take a chance and took him to our home in Connecticut where we had 14 acres for him to run and get lots of exercise.  On the way home we stopped at the local supermarket to buy a few things.  To our surprise he bolted out of the car and ran into the supermarket running up and down the aisles eluding everyone who tried to catch him, including the store manager.  Thank goodness we finally caught him before he found the meat department.

Over time, Rusty managed to train us properly and he matured into a very loving and faithful member of our family. He thought he was a 50 pound lap dog who would demand a tummy rub or ear scratch whenever you sat down to relax. Rusty got along well with everyone he met including people, dogs and even a few cats.  He adjusted very well to retirement in East Tennessee and was most happy taking golf cart rides through Rarity Bay and going on long off-leash walks at our church or the Tellico Lake hiking paths. 

After 14 years of faithful companionship we had to say our final goodbye to Rusty last August.  It is never easy to let go of a family member and he will always be remembered as a “Best Friend”.

We missed Rusty so much and soon realized that he left a huge void in our life.
Our house seemed empty and our time was not being utilized like before.
So, we recently adopted our fourth Brittany.  His name is Prince, and he is now in the process of training us properly, just like Rusty did.

Ed and Donna Harless