Mya Guido ~ Welcomed at the Rainbow Bridge June 7, 2013

It with sadness that we tell our friends that we found it necessary to euthanize our dog Mya on June 7 as a result of recently recurring seizures. She lived a long life − over 11 years − and had been with us for almost two years. 

Two years ago her owner, Charlie D. from Nashville, lost his job and home. Devastated at having to give up his dog that he affectionately called “Baby Girl,” who even knew sign language as two of Charlie’s uncles were deaf, he took her to a rescue that put her into the Rottweiler Rescue database. They contacted us and we didn’t think twice about welcoming her into our family.  At that time she was over nine years old and if taken to a county shelter, she would have likely been put down. Her immune system was quite fragile from her experience at the rescue, but she slowly rallied, going on to become a champion at “fetch” at the park and quite an accomplished swimmer here in the Bay. 

In closing, one cannot ask for more than to be truly loved and Mya gave us much love and loyalty during her much-too-brief time with us. We have enjoyed her being a part of our lives and miss her dearly.

Mike and Nancie Guido

Thanks to Keith Harding for capturing Mya's essence so beautifully!