Everett Drake Frasch | June 2, 2001 to October 22, 2012

Ode to Mr. E.

East Tennessee is making bright with yellow, red and gold
I just got in from pulling weeds and sweated, truth be told.
I should have been down at the boat ramp throwing out a Kong
So my Best Friend could show me that he’ll always be this strong.
He’d want some water even though I thought he drank the lake.
It must have been the runs he took behind his golf cart’s wake.
Now where’s the hair upon my chair, the baseboards and the walls?
I cannot hear the ticky‐tick of paws in all our halls.
No need for watching where I step avoiding all the balls.
His toys are all inside his chest; that never was the case.
We asked him all the time to put them back, Ha! What a waste.
He needed always more than one to keep us having fun.
I can’t believe he won’t be telling me, “It’s time to run!”
We give you up to run in fields where grass is soft and mown.
To see the Other Trainers, just like you, who whose life has shown,
That we all need to learn from you, and try to love your way.
To live life in the Moment and thank God for every Day.
Thank you, Mr. Everett, for the lessons that you taught:
Now go to Heaven, find your friends. You’ll never leave our thoughts.
You taught us to be better people, daily. That was clear.
We’ll think about you every day and keep your memory dear.

~ Kim and Karoline Frasch ~