Cody Simcox ~ Welcomed at the Rainbow Bridge July 6, 2017

Cody Simcox: 11/06 – 7/6/17

It is with deep sadness that the Dog Park of Rarity Bay announces Tom and Linda Simcox’s beloved dog, Cody, passed away Thursday morning. Cody was the symbol of our very successful Shaggy Chic fundraising effort to build the dog park. With Cody’s fun-loving caricature, he literally brought in 10s of $1000s to make possible Rusty’s Place, the most outstanding, premier amenity in our community today.

A Goldendoodle, Cody was quite a wild boy in his youth, but with diligent training and patience, he soon became Tom and Linda’s well-behaved, constant companion.  Their photographer daughter, Danielle, captured this expressive photo and shared it to represent the essence of what became Shaggy Chic. When the signs went up throughout Monroe and Loudon counties to announce an upcoming sale event, no words were necessary – everyone knew when they saw this photo to pay attention as another great sale was in the works!

Cody was also beloved in the Highlands, North Carolina, where Tom and Linda would spend many of their summers. He will be missed by so many who came to know and love his ebullient and even temperament.

Rest in peace, dear Cody. Your legacy will carry on for many years to come.