Alice "Marie" LaMantia ~ May 10, 2003 - November 25, 2013

We introduce and memorialize Alice LaMantia.  She is the namesake of Dilbert's "fist of death" Alice.  She showed that determination in her eyes that July 3rd, 2003, when we "rescued" her from that awful van full of miniature schnauzers heading south for (yikes) ear cropping ... we took the beautiful ball of fur home.

From that day on, her gift of unconditional love and devotion never ended.
Not known by many, but Alice became a popular visitor to the chemotherapy room at Blount Hospital during 2003/2004.  She put smiles on the faces all  the patients and nurses. 
Another gift from Alice.

Alice was a fashion statement for Rarity Bay. 
Her good nature, while donning the wardrobe that satisfied all of mom's holiday trimming
needs, was another gift from Alice.
Presented with "The Most Interesting Bark" award at the RBWC first ever Dog Masquerade and Parade September 2005. 
Another gift from Alice.

Alice loved her daddy Jack dearly. 
In fact, she sought out his lap every evening.  Her mom?  Basically, chopped liver. 
Another gift(?) from Alice.

Alice never met a stranger.  
Everyone was greeted with her exuberant long-lost-friend "most interesting bark". 
Another gift from Alice.

Alice faced numerous physical challenges during her 10 1/2 years,
but she was indeed a role model for being alive. 
Another gift from Alice.

Everlasting memories are her gift to us.  We miss her terribly.