Memorials and Recognition

When one of our community members faces the loss — whether it be
a dog, cat, horse or tragically a pet-loving friend or relative — there are a
number of different options to commemorate a loss in a meaningful way.

NOTE: Be sure to include the name of the pet or person in whose honor the
donation is made as well as not only your contact information but also the recipient's
address so an acknowledgement card can be sent.

An inscribed Rusty's Place memorial brick
Plans are to design a more usable walkway into the park from Partridge.
For now, the bricks are grouped along the fence, but will likely be incorporated
into the new sidewalk, creating better visability for the bricks. This will help
beautify our park and keep a memory living on.

Order a Memorial Brick

Memorial item to be placed at the park
The park can always be beautified for memorial and/or recognition purposes.
Perhaps you may wish to have an existing item designated as such, add a statuary,
tree or planting area.
Anything added to the park must first be approved by the DPRB board of directors.
Board meetings are open to any member who wishes to make a proposal for
consideration by putting the idea into an agenda item and then
discussing with the board.

Donation to the Monroe County Friends of Animals (MCFA)
Our local animal shelter greatly appreciates any and all donations made to
commemorate a loss, or for any other reason such as a holiday gift for someone
who is difficult to buy a present. This little shelter operates on a shoestring and
it is truly remarkable what they are able to do with the generosity of those who deeply
care about animals. They are known as one of the most successful shelters in our area.
You can make a donation by sending to: MCFA, Post Office 106, Vonore, TN 37885.

Contribution to a breed rescue
This is a wonderful option if you know the person has an affinity for a
certain breed. Rescue groups are in a good situation to find homes for their animals
and rarely, if ever, euthanize. which shelters often find necessary to do so with the
vast numbers of animals they receive on a daily basis.
Monroe County Animal Shelter at 423.442.1015 deals with reputable breed rescues
and it may be advisable to consult with them to find out which ones they can recommend.

Donation to a university canine program
For instance, the University of Tennessee has a number of worthwhile programs,
to name a couple:
H.A.B.I.T (use of therapy dogs) and H.A.L.T. a program for
at-risk adolescent and rescued dogs from shelters.

Veterinary or alternative animal care scholarship
This can go a long way toward helping youth who are interesting in pursuing an
animal-related career.