Become a Member

Taylor Heinecke and Annie Cleverdon together at the Halloween party

Chair: MICKEY REMMEL, 350 Morning Dove Dr., 423.884.3743

All persons who either reside or own property at Rarity Bay are eligible for membership. As of 2017, the cost for membership annual fees, payable January 1 each year, are set at $60.

Annual fees help fund annual operating expenses such as irrigation, mowing, trash disposal, insurance and other park-related costs.

If you join and decide during the first 30 days that the Dog Park is just not suitable for you and your dog, membership fees are refundable. Otherwise, all fees are nonrefundable even if membership is terminated for any reason.

Please click here for the Membership Application and review the Park Rules attached to the document. The application, proof of rabies vaccination and a veterinarian checkup within the last year and a check for initiation and membership made out to "Dog Park of Rarity Bay, Inc." should be returned to the Membership Chair, Lee Remmel, 350 Morning Dove Dr., Vonore, 37885.

Members may bring dogs of their guests who do not reside at Rarity Bay to Rusty's Place.  The guest and member must first complete the Guest Application and provide proof of rabies immunization. A guest may use Rusty's Place only if the member is also present.  There is no additional fee.

Members may bring dogs of other Rarity Bay residents who are not members to Rusty's Place only if they are caring for the dogs in the absence of the Rarity Bay resident, and only if they first provide information on the dog and provide proof of rabies immunization.

In all cases, the member remains responsible for the actions of the Guest's dog.